November Mantel 
Well girls,  I apologize for the pic not being very clear when actually there's no excuse. I have a really good camera and a really good lens but I've been putting off those photography classes.   Good project for the winter I'm thinking...
Anyhow, on to the November mantel.  I've been reminded everywhere I look to be thankful.  I also believe that the more we give thanks, more good things come our way.
Take for instance these crusty bottles!  They make my heart skip a beat ~ probably sat at the bottom of the ocean for a good long time while Mother Nature went to work.  Found those over at White Flower Farmhouse.  I've teamed up my opalescent 'Jayne's Extract Ginger' bottle because the size, shape and color looked so pretty with the two crusty ones.  Decorating with things from the ocean has no season here at the beach cottage.   The Madonna and Child came my way by Shabbyfufu.  She is a beautiful reproduction and has the patina of a vintage statue.  There's something peaceful about having a beautiful Madonna statue surrounded with white candles displayed.  The tapers were lit just long enough for the pictures since they were mere inches from the newly painted ceiling.
I'm working on getting more of the giant ruffled clam shells.  Let me know if I can save one for you.  Talk about crusty texture and beautiful color!
                      Here are my bottles up close.  Don't you love them?
And, since so many of you have asked to see my fireplace and mantel, here it is!
Thanks so much for stopping by ~
Happy Thanksgiving