Saintly Decor
Since I'm not quite ready to dismantle my Autumn Mantel, I've decided that a little change is in order this month.  I've been noticing that statues of saints have been appearing in some of my favorite publications for some time now.  Rachel Ashwell, Jeanne d'Arc magazine and Mary Emmerling have used beautiful religious and spiritual artifacts in their decor.
  These two pictures are from Rachel Ashwell's new  book which is my favorite one of hers.  Here I have white washed my Virgin Mary.
 I remember this statue from my childhood days and recently acquired the crown and stand which has become dear to me since learning that it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Azorean island of St. Miguel.  This is where my grandfather was born.  It is still an honor for Portuguese familes to host this as they open their home to others for prayers.  It is said to bring good luck. 
These two photos are from Jeanne d'Arc.  They use such lovely religous statuary in the most beautiful ways in their decorating.
 This last photo is from Mary Emmerling's 'Romantic Country'.  Mary has been using crowns, crosses and santos in her decor for a while now. These icons are timeless and may be a passing trend in home decor,  but it is a beautiful one which I will embrace.