October Mantel of the Month
Introducing California girl Cindy Roberts from Cute Pink Stuff.  When Cindy sent her mantel pics to me, the first thing that caught my eye was the drapey linen curtain covering the fireplace opening.  Creatively simple, pretty and functional!  Right up my alley.  She also used a surprise element on her mantel which she will tell us about.
Thanks for joining us Cindy.  I envy you sunny California girls with access to flea markets large and small every weekend with new fresh ideas for decorating.  Tell us about the furs lining your mantel!
 Roberta, thank you for featuring my mantel! I'm honored and grateful. I must say that I NEVER imagined I would EVER decorate our home with fur. However, when my decorating style began to change from cottage to French there seemed to be a natural transition into Nordic design. I first saw the use of fur on the pages of the Norwegian magazine, Vakre. I appreciated the warmth, texture and natural element that fur offered in an all white palette, but didn't actively seek out fur for use in our home. Then this summer while vacationing in Idaho I came across some rabbit furs in a shop which fed right into my fascination with Nordic decor. On our mantel, the use of rabbit fur, coupled with rustic crowns, was my attempt to try something different in keeping with French/Nordic design. It's merely a design element and not a social statement.

I was curious how the mantel furs would look without the crochet pieces so Cindy obliged and redid the mantel without them and used less fur.  It's 'edgy' Nordic and I love her crown collection with it! 

This room is beautiful Cindy and the casual curtain covering the opening softens the look.  This is usually a neglected area and the basket of twigs and pinecones looks great too.
The curtain hides the fireplace when not in use adding softness that a screen cannot. I attached the fabric to curtain clips that slide onto a tension rod hidden behind the overhang of the mantel.  When we burn wood in the fireplace the fabric can pulled back to either side or removed.  The best part of the fireplace curtain:  I found the linen fabric in a clearance bin for $1.00 per yard!
Thanks for turning us on to this unique decorating idea Cindy.  I would not have thought to decorate with furs either but after seeing your mantel I'm warming up to it.  
Cindy loves crowns and pillows and to see more visit her website, blog and Etsy shop here.  I picked up one of her vintage military bags with crowns on Etsy!  Can't wait to receive it Cindy! 
Happy Autumn Everyone and thanks for joining us!