October Mantel of the Month
Took Mother Nature's cue this breathtaking month and rummaged through my fabric stash to find this luscious maize colored silky yardage for the mantel cover.  Love the raw edges, texture and the way it reflects light.   The ornate gold framed mirror sits quite contentedly keeping watch over the comings and goings as it faces the front door.  The only other elements I had in mind when planning this month's mantel was to use hydrangea from the garden and white pumpkins.  Everything else was gathered from other vignettes encouraging me to refresh these areas as well. 
  It's satisfying to find new ways to display favorite pieces.  The stacked scalloped pedestals nicely display just about anything, but covered with a very special wire cloche, it brought a simple white pumpkin to new heights!  The cool metal cigarette tin found at the flea a few weeks ago is set behind the pumpkin and I love the color, the crown insignia and gold trim.   (I have since moved this vignette a little to the right on my mantel since the blank space was bothering me.)  Forever tweaking!
Upon embellishing the mirror with a feathered card and pearl jewels, I was stumped at what to place at the middle of the mantel~~~ Robin Brown's fabulous and newly released 'A Bit Of Velvet & A Dash Of Lace' had recently found it's way into my mailbox and was the perfect final addition to the mantel with it's wonderful rich and warm colors.  This book is a 'must' for anyone who loves to decorate no matter what style you adore!