September Mantel '09'
I have two mantel pics for you to choose from this month and I'd love to hear your you like the first or second with added lavender bunch and candle? 
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As soon as I opened the package of French soaps, I knew what this month's mantel would be all about.   I adore the chunky hand cut look, feel and fresh scent of these soaps.  The French used them for everything!  Washing, laundry and scrubbing their homes!  Since I've spent the past two weeks freshening up my home with two coats of white paint,  I can't seem to stop.  It's my way of doing a thorough autumn cleaning!  The wood floors and windows are sparkling, curtains washed, ironed and rehung and now comes the fun part... decorating, rearranging, repurposing, rethinking....what, where, how?  I've begun with the mantel and I'm off to spread my treasures out and create fresh vignettes.
Everything is feeling bright and shiny!  Love my collection of ironstone and the sweet rusty enamel cup found at a yard sale for 25 cents!  I'm so glad it wasn't tossed aside.

Happy Autumn!
xo Roberta