September Mantel


Back to my mantel at home with Bethany's summer  September wedding in mind.   The picture of her taken at the beach in the mirrored silver frame was my starting point here.  I wish you could really see all the sparkle going on with the  curtain jewelry hanging from the mirror, silver cup and jewel studded charger!  I found those beauties in the JC Penney catalog some time ago and have used them in so many ways!  They have magnets on the ends!

The mirror is offset a bit and I placed the charger to the side to create a little vignette with the pretty tulle wedding gown form.   The 'Dream' letters seem so appropriate for this time in her life although I love this little reminder for myself as well.

And, what's a mantel without shells?  The larger and smaller conchs are set on a darling ruffled edge porcelain tray in the same soft coral and sand shell colors.

For a splash of Bermuda blue waters,  I've placed a beautiful turquoise candle holder embedded with natural shells that looks so pretty when lit!  The ribbon and feathers draped on the frame are from a package that Martha presented to me for a past birthday.  I save all of her wrappings!  They are as dear to me as the gifts she gives and they are always appear in some unexpected place.