July Mantel of the Month by Janet of Shabbyfufu ~
 Thanks for being my July guest for the Mantel of the Month feature Janet! 
Your mantel is beautiful!  I love how you've found such a nice balance of your signature 'fufu' style in the ruffled mantel cloth with a sweet simplicity of the birdcage with candles,  grouping of old bottles and ironstone platters on either end.  This mantel could be in any room of the house!
Thank you Roberta! I actually have two mantels in my home (faux, no fires needed here in So. Florida) and they may change several times during a season as my mood dictates. You don't need a mantel though to take inspiration here from your column and can use these ideas on a buffet, table or any flat surface.

Tell us about the ruffled mantel piece and where we can find it.  And the plate with white flowers on it.  Such a pretty contrast with the rusty birdcage. 

I enjoy finding new ways to use the items that I have around my home for both every day use and for using to style photo shoots with for my website product photos, my blog and the occasional magazine feature. The ruffled piece on the mantel is among the pieces that I created for Fifi's book Romantic Prairie Style, although this particular piece wasn't used in her home shoot. It's actually a tablecloth! You can find similar ruffled pieces by the score these days on Etsy and even in shops like Homegoods (so I am told). The flowers are paper pom poms that I made, and you can find similar poms in party supply or wedding supply shops on line.
I guess we could say that you are a 'pioneer' in the wide world of the internet among us shabby chicers and you've maintained your Shabbyfufu following by staying true to yourself.  You do a lot of custom work.  Those trips to France and the brocantes must keep the creative juices flowing!
I definitely am an internet oldie (okay, pioneer!) having started selling on Ebay back in 1999, and over the years have tried to adapt to the changing market but staying true to what I have always loved to do and maintain my own style. I've been designing and making my living this way since I was a struggling art student in college many moons ago. I've designed everything from pottery to having my own clothing line to diaper bags and even had a faux finishing business! These days my custom work consists mainly of my signature dress forms and lighting fixtures. I've been fortunate to travel overseas quite often over the years and always enjoy the brocante markets and street fairs for inspiration and of course for shopping! The French truly set styles before they catch on here in the U.S. both in home decor and fashion. I have a passion for the tattered and decadent antiques to be found in the brocantes and in the lifestyle shops in France as well.
I adore what you've done recently with the decor in your home and can't wait to see more!  What are your latest sources of inspiration?  
Definitely I've picked up some decor inspiration from fellow bloggers, and once again I tend to turn to the bloggers in France, Belgium, and the Nordic countries for the best tips. Jeanne de Arc Living Magazine (which I purchase in your shop!) is my favorite with white decor fitting in very nicely in this hot Miami climate that I live in. My home is due to be shot in the Fall for Jeanne de Arc and of course I'll keep everyone updated, should it actually make the pages. 
Pinterest is fabulous, but really need to limit my time looking around that "pinning" website or I'd never get anything accomplished!
Thanks for the tips and for sharing your summer mantel with us Janet!  It's always fun to take a peek into the homes of such talented women.  
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