July Mantel
I'm a patriotic gal, but the only time that I use red in my decor is for Independence Day.  Even then it's only in the American Flag.  Never say never though.  I adore the French grain sacks with the faded red and blue stripes and wouldn't mind having a couple of those on my white slipcovered loveseats! Besides, red, white and blue are perfect summer cottage colors as long as they are not overdone.   My friend Carol generously parted with one of her vintage flags that I coveted and it's proudly displayed on the July mantel.  I found these oversized linen placemats and am using them everywhere.   You can't go wrong with linen and I love them so much that I ran out and picked a few extras for you!  
 I've been keeping 
my mantels simpler upon your critiques, so I marched around the cottage and gathered an aged mirror and the original Sunrise Ct sign that is one of my favorite possessions.  I'm surrounded by shells, so naturally, they always appear on my mantels in the summer!  Plucked some 'flower girl' roses and voila!  
 Independence Day on Sunrise Court.