French Larkspur June Mantel

Thanks so much for joining our Mantel of the Month Tracey!  I enjoy looking at your blog to see such beautiful photos and displays.  I especially love what you've done with your children's rooms and how you make your home such a beautiful place for your family.  It is a special gift that you have.
Read along for a short interview with Tracey about her decorating style.
It's great that you have a fireplace surround and mantel even though you don't have a fireplace Tracey.  Do you find that it is an important element in your decor? 

I have a mantel but no fireplace in both my family room and dining room.  I think that mantels are a great way to add architectual interest to a room regardless of whether you actually have a fireplace and they are one of my favorite ways to add character to a room.
 How often do you change it out? 

I change both of my mantels out whenever the whim strikes me :)  I love to change things up to keep the look of a room fresh.  In the summertime, I am more likely to change things around more often because there are always new things popping up in the garden that I want to showcase in my home...I love bringing outdoor elements in.
I often find inspiration in a bouquet of flowers or a new item that I've picked up for my mantels.  What inspired you when you began this one?  The ferns are such a creative touch and bring the mantel to life! 

Thank you Roberta!  I am definitely a flower person, but I do love greenery in my home as well.  The leaves in the arched window are actually an herb called Sweet Cicely that I grow, in part, because ferns do not do well in the soil that we have here.  I often dry the lovely leaves and use them for projects, but here I shot the pictures with fresh leaves.  Herbs are a great substitue for flowers in the home as they are usually long lasting and really add a lot of interest.
You've recently had a photo shoot with Fifi for Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.
I can't wait to see what you've done!  How has Jeanne d'Arc Living inspired your style? 

I fell in love with Jeanne d' Arc Living's beautiful Nordic - French style from the very first magazine I ever bought from them.  I find it so inspiring how they weave a religious influence into their decorating and, of course, I love their use of white! The strong emphasis on using vintage and French pieces, while still keeping the look of a room clean really speaks to what I love most about their style.  I would definitely say that they have been the biggest influence on my decorating style in the last few years.
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