mantel of the month

June Mantel

It's summertime and we are smack dab on the Atlantic coast with oodles of bays, beaches, beautiful marshes and rivers to enjoy all the pleasures that come along with living by the ocean. Our June mantel celebrates 'seaside' decorating with sensational gifts from the sea...seashells! We've loosely placed off white sheer fabric to contain our host of shells gathered on top of the mantel along with our shell garland. Seashell garland netting is draped over the face of the mantel and above it and the dreamy shelves studded with shells add to the theme. The maiden over the mantel is the focal point as she reflects, gazing out at the ocean in her sand and coral colored adornment. Finally, an endearing baby mermaid perches on the edge of the mantel and tugs at my heartstrings. A floral tin French bucket is filled with hydrangeas and a soft shell pink glittered candle and clock bring balance to the other side of the mantel. It's time to hang our lacy curtains, let the breezes and sun shine in and pull out all the stops for our summer decor! Summer blessings to all!

Warmly, Martha & Roberta