May Mantel of the Month
The lilacs are the show stoppers here and I enjoyed them for a full day in the simply beautiful pitcher from Ikea before I began to decorate the mantel.  I couldn't find anything that inspired me in my stash, but remembered the 'SHOP' sign that I passed up earlier in the week.  Actually, I couldn't get it off my mind and then came the vivid dream....
I was standing on a street corner when a woman happily zoomed  by me in a green vintage 'beach wagon' with her front seat stacked with pretty boxes and bags!
Ha!  What girl doesn't love the word SHOP?   So, a girl does what a girl has to do and was the first to arrive at her favorite 'shop' to SHOP! 

Lucky for me it was still there.  I like the whimsical lettering and gray patina and I might have been happy with just the sign, lilacs and shells for my May mantel.
What would YOU have done?