Happy Mother's Day, this precious month of May.  I've been enamored by French grey lately and loving the birds, French lettered crystals and vintage looking urns I was hoping to use for the May Mantel.  I searched for a focal piece and found the swirly gold candle holder at a tag sale thinking that the shape held some promise.  But the and grey?  And the predictable crystals...  While talking myself out of painting it, off came the gaudy gold glass votive holders that left perches for the birds.  Off with some of the crystals only to be exchanged with our shapely French ones and as I proceeded to play it began to work.   

I adore the etched mirror that I brought in to the shop that very morning so it had to be used, obviously!  That wasn't even a consideration since I have to enjoy whatever is new to me at the very soonest possible moment!  The round gold mirror compliments the gold candle holder.

 Cody Foster's grey stands with cloches have been used over and over in many vignettes and the taller one on the left side simply displays some vintage books wrapped with sepia silk ribbon while the shorter one on the right brings some balance without being matchy, matchy.  It holds a pearl letter in a pretty script under the glass dome.  

 Shimmery sepia fabric layered over a white vintage tablecloth and strewn ostrich feathers brighten up the mantel a bit.  The grey cast iron urn topped on an overturned one holds more of the ostrich feathers and melds everything beautifully.