MayMantel.jpg     MAY MANTEL

This beautiful vintage French mantel is our inpiration this month.  The curves and wonderful coloring making it an ideal pallette in which to create a stunning mantel.

In addition to perusing flea markets and estate sales, the bargain aisles at fabric shops and discount stores can be full of surprises!   The beautiful champagne lace fabric draping the mirror?   Three yards for $15.00!   It sweeps across the mirror and cascades down the side.  A vintage drapery ring adds a subtle touch of elegance and drama to the vingette.   Topping the delicate and aged lamp is a new leopard ($5.00) lampshade just for fun.  An Italian handpainted tray becomes the focal point with it's sensational shape, gold swirls and vibrant pallette.    Carrying the vintage gold theme through, we've placed a swirled French clock beside the lamp and cherub holding a cut glass bowl overflowing with beaded garland on the other end.