Our April Mantel is from Rachel at French Farmhouse 425     
I thought I would ask Rachel a few questions about decorating her mantel.  Here goes..
I am so pleased to feature your beautiful mantel Rachel.  Thank you for being our featured guest for April.  How often do you change your mantel?
 I usually change my mantel about once a month or when the mood strikes.  I will change it more if I end up finding a neat piece to display or if we are entertaining I will add a lot of tea light candles in vintage etched glasses.  . 

 Do you have a pretty good idea before you get started or do you just get going and play with it until it feels right?

  I usually will find a new piece at a thriftshop or antique store and get inspired to display it with what I already have on the mantel and then end up editing some pieces so it's not too cluttered or busy. I also always look for inexpensive fresh babys breath at the supermarket or hydrangeas to add to the pitchers or vintage jars.

 I love how you layered many items on your mantel Rachel.  Tell me about this and about some of your favorite items you used. 
The layered look on my mantel kind of just happened because I wanted to display my favorite antique etched mirrors and couldn't decide which items I wanted to take off of my mantel.  The white ironstone pieces were already there so I just added the mirrors and went with it!  I was hoping it wasn't too busy, but I really ended up liking how it turned out.  I am usually more of a minimalist with my decor.
 Did it take long to create this beautiful mantel Rachel?
 Honestly, I fussed with it for about two minutes and called it good!
Stunning results in no time!  Thanks Rachel!!
Stop over to see more of Rachel's home on her blog, French Farmhouse 425 and say hello!