March Mantel
 My decorating style has been morphing toward a simple, clean palette.  A vast array of whites and grays with touches of pink and an eternity of faded roses. 
  As I look out the window on this first day of March, it is snowing and there seem to be only two slightly different shades of gray where the sky and water meet.  There are probably thousands of shades of sepia going on with the grasses in the marsh, the old stone wall and twiggy bushes where the birds are hiding.  Add a smidgen of green from the grove of trees and you get the picture.  The ducks are loving it and blend in beautifully.  Martha Stewart has a color called Morning Mist that my waterside office walls are painted but nobody knows her colors like Mother Nature.  It is serenely pretty with the snow clinging to the shoreline.

I merely went with the feeling this weekend as I decorated the March Mantel.  A gorgeous vintage  plaster wing steals the show leaning on a decorative frame that will soon grace a mirror.  The new candle holder has pure white candles and my favorite paper rose and a faded rose still hanging on from Valentine's Day add a little burst of color.