March Spring Mantel


Gathering our favorite Easter and spring goodies for this mantel was a joy!  The vintage pastel tablecloth set the tone and finding hankies and doilies for this senario was a cinch.  I just love the butter yellow vase!  It's new but has the desired vintage look so the mantel doesn't look too cutsie.  For now I've added a pretty bunch of mixed flowers but I think it'll look ever nicer with fresh tulips from the market.  The vase was perfect for hanging a glittered Easter postcard from too.  Bunnies, sheep and colored eggs dominate the season and rightly so.  These beautiful foil eggs open up and are decorated with tulle and paper flowers.  The big pink edged egg states 'Happy Spring' and the small pink one is perched on a vintage candleholder to show it off.   Bunny eggcart?  ADORABLE!    The original rose painting is a gorgeous backdrop for our mantel this month and is so dreamy!  Springtime is just around the corner and we're so very grateful. 

                                                Happy Easter Blessings!  

                                         Martha & Roberta