January 2010 Mantel
New Year Greetings!  My seaside decor is never far from hand and naturally makes its way back onto center stage for the first mantel of this new year.  The sea fan coral, my latest favorite find is delicately featured against the mirror and engaging with the soft glow from the chunky white candles set in the old pie tin.  The tenuous vintage mercury strands very gently hold it in place.  I've been spotting these ethereal sea fans everywhere lately and they are lovely framed as well.  It usually sits on a shelf with my trio of antique aqua bottles but I've moved everything over to the mantel and added the clock, hydrangeas and the 'New Year's Greetings' postcard to show it off!   I think you'll find one of these fans a delightful addition to your year round decor!

My Hope is for Good Health, Happy Times, Peace and Prosperity for us all in 2010!