Winter White Mantel 


 This Winter White Mantel begins our fifth year of Mantels and the theme swirling in my mind for the first one of the new year was 'frost' and 'winter whites'.  Think virgin snow, white sales and luxurious vintage camel cashmere coats.  Aha!  The white linens were easy enough.  Took out the ironing board and freshened up a few lacy pieces borrowed from the glass china/linen closet and as I gathered the white ironstone and small collection of ivory McCoy vases from different vignettes,  (it's no wonder my little house is always topsy turvy)  I began to get the picture.  I don't usually start with one,  just an idea or theme and work up to it.   From there it's rummaging through the buffet drawers and jelly cupboard for candles and finishing touches.  I love the petite frosted rose candles.  The rhinestone pin reminds me of a snowflake and the snowy deer and chandelier ornament were still out from Christmas.  I looked for white roses for the vase and pitchers, but they were nowhere to be found so I placed candles in one and some vintage netting in another.  
I'd love to see pics of your mantels.  Drop me a line sometime and let me know what you think of this feature.