January '2007' Mantel


January, new beginings, new ideas!....                                                                                       We had fun creating this months' mantel. New stock are like new toys for us and we had fun playing with our new toys. We started out by using vintage satin in a pastel peach color puddled for a soft drapey look.  This was chosen to highlight the color in the rose picture hanging from our mirrored window. Green glass beading is tacked to the edge of the window to emphasize the shape of it and the colors in the whispy greens. Using candle holders to bring height, we placed a birdhouse on top of one and a pair of birds on another.  The painted wooden cloche stand is wonderful for height and encourages a mini vingette.  Nestled about we placed various vintage styled white wooden birdhouses and of course we managed to place a beautiful plate with roses on it to the display!  Gathering favorite beautiful items and blending them in different ways is a satisfying way to pass a Sunday afternoon.          Life is good when we take time to create and partake in the little things that  bring us joy.     This new year, our wish for you all is good health, happy days and lots of love! 

                                                                  Blessings, Martha & Roberta